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The Pathfinder Network seeks to to create the “internet for emissions data” – the common nexus for all organizations to seamlessly connect, exchange and derive insights from emissions data, setting them up to decarbonize at the scale needed.

Taking the vision of the Pathfinder Network forward, through the PACT Catalog Solution Providers, Supply Chain Actors, Industry Initiatives, and other organizations can discover and contribute PACT Conformant Solutions and Data Model Extensions, and engage with PACT Collaborators.

PACT Conformant Solutions

Discover the ecosystem of PACT conformant or pending conformance Solutions to exchange Product Carbon Footprint data. A solution is deemed PACT conformant after it has been successfully validated in bilateral Conformance Tests

Discover the ecosystem of different Data Model Extensions to the Pathfinder Data Model. These extensions consist of set of industry/product specific definitions/attributes that extends the Pathfinder Data Model

Data Model Extensions


Discover Collaborators engaged in the PACT Community, who are actively involved and contributing to the Ecosystem

About PACT

The Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) is the solution to one of the biggest decarbonization challenges today: accounting for Scope 3 emissions across value chains. By ensuring every company has access standardized from its suppliers, PACT enables companies to take targeted action on their value chain emissions and to creates accountability on reduction progress.

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